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21 July 2020: Updates on Guidance for Early Years and Childcare Providers during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Updates were made by the government today to reflect that early years settings can return to normal group sizes. 

Main changes to previous guidance

 The government have updated this guidance as follows:

  • includes content from the planning guide for early years and childcare settings so that all coronavirus (COVID-19) information for early years settings is in one place moving forward (previous planning guide has now been removed)
  • includes an autumn funding update and a link to local authority guidance updates
  • updates on wraparound care
  • updates on managing requests for site visits from parents and carers for admissions in September 2020
  • updates about data collection changes
  • updates about reporting to Ofsted when there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in a setting
  • updates to reflect the removal of the requirement to keep children in small, consistent groups (bubbles) within settings but still minimising mixing wherever possible

 Since 1 June, early years settings, including childminders, have been able to welcome back children of all ages.

The government are continuing to work with the early years sector to understand how they can best be supported to ensure that safe, appropriate and affordable childcare is available for those returning to work, and for all families who need childcare in the longer term.

 The government will keep this guidance under review as they continue to monitor the situation over the summer.

Please see the full guidance published by the government here -

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