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Our Story

Our idea originally came from helping a nursery group with marketing. We were speaking to parents about viewing particular nurseries, and very quickly became aware of the value we added to both the parent and also the nursery manager.

Because we weren't also trying to look after children, get ready for lunch, arrange staffing rotas etc. we had the time to discuss with the parents what was important to them before arranging a show-around, and then helping them to identify what in a nursery was going to be beneficial for their child.

We soon realised that after the show-arounds, parents were more comfortable talking to us about what they liked and didn't like than they were talking to the nursery manager or deputy. That helped us better identify what the parent's requirements were and also helped the nursery settings improve.

Very quickly we had nursery managers telling us how great it was having somebody carry our that end-to-end service that they didn't have the time to do. Along with parents telling us how wonderful it was being able to call us, talk to somebody straight away and not feel rushed - to have somebody to talk through what they were looking for and help them identify which settings would have been suitable for them. For those parents, the service saved them time that could have been wasted viewing nurseries that would never be suitable.

3 months later, we had booked over 300 nursery viewings, helped over 100 parents find a placement for their children and was working alongside more than 10 nursery managers. At this point, we realised how beneficial this service was to both parents and the nurseries themselves.

We’ve done some research and were shocked to find that there was nobody in the UK offering this service - from that moment, the Nursery Finders concept was born.

How Nursery Finders works?

For Parents and Carers

At Nursery Finders we are here to help parents and other carers of children find nurseries that are both local and the most suitable for their children. Run by people with a background in the early years, we understand how important getting the right setting in the right location is for you.

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For Nurseries

At Nursery Finders, we can help nurseries improve their occupancy and promote their nursery. We provide different listing options for our nurseries. To find out more, please go to our Nursery Listings page.

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Nursery Finders Service

Why you should use Nursery Finders as a parent?
Identify your needs
Understand what you are looking for in a nursery
Make nursery recommendations
Talk you through the nurseries that meet your requirments
Arrange multiple viewings
We will book your appointments with multiple nurseries
Take feedback from parents
We will take your feedback to help the nursery and better understand your needs
Complete your nursery registration
Once you have found your nursery, we will complete the registration with you
Book and support settling in for your child
Once your child is registered we will support you until your child is all settled